Blue Ocean Dive Club – Scubaholics Dive Team

Are you a Scubaholic ?

The Scubaholics Dive Team ( our club ) is an active bunch of bubble junkies all dedicated to having as much fun as possible in wet rubber !

And it isn’t an elite society – we don’t care what badge you’ve got – or if you’re BSAC, SAA, IANTD, PADI, SSI, CMAS etc – if you’re a safe diver and enjoy a laugh – anyone and everyone can join in the fun, at every level with the “Scubaholics”…

…and there’s NO MEMBERSHIP FEE.

We have regular pool & pub nights every Tuesday & Thursday. We organise dive weekends Twice each month, and regular midweek dives throughout the summer as well as social events with increasing frequency !!!!
[ it has been said that we are a drinking club with a diving problem ??? ]

So whether it’s a Pool Dive or a Pub Crawl, a Balti or a BBQ, a Red Sea holiday or a Day’s Rib Diving in the channel, 10 pin bowling or a Weekend Wreck Diving in Cornwall… we’re up for it all – are you ?

Visit the HOLIDAYS & UK DIVES pages, check the CALENDAR sections on the left of each page for course scheduling, and SIGN-UP to the e-mailing list simply by joining the club for info.

There are newsletter bulletins giving you all the club info on upcoming trips – dives – socials – special offers etc : get on the list to not miss out !

Check out the Trip Exchange board in the dive centre, to see who’s diving where & when – and to make sure there’s space for you to join in the fun…

There’s 3 levels of membership with an increasing range of benefits the higher you go…
and there’s NO MEMBERSHIP FEE for anyone !

Basic Membership
Gold Membership
Platinum Membership

Whilst everybody can join Scubaholics Dive Team – there is an elite gang of hard core divers who are highly trained and very experienced who dive regularly to the Deeper Wrecks…. They are :

Scubaholics Extreme Team ~ The Rufty Tufty Divers Club

You may be big enough… But are you good enough ?

To be invited to this group of mad bubblers you’ll need to be a Master Scuba Diver, Tekkie or Dive Professional……

Visit the Dive Centre and ask any of the guys with Big Badges, Black Masks, Big Tanks & loads of regs!
… it has been alleged that some of them have very small……. torches ?