DSAT Instructor

DSAT Gas Blender Instructor

You must be a qualified Open Water Scuba Instructor and Nitrox Specialty Instructor.

By Completing the Instructor Training Course at a DSAT facility you can immediately qualify to teach the DSAT Gas Blender program.

Alternatively you can apply direct if you have blended over 50 gas mixes within 1% accuracy of the target blend.

DSAT Tec Deep Instructor

Having completed at least 25 dives DEEPER THEN 40m using Extended Range and Accelerated Decompression Gas Switch techniques you have the experience necessary to consider becoming a technical diving instructor.

You’ll need to assist with at least TWO TEC DEEP courses, displaying competence as an instructor and total mastery of all technical diving skills. You’ll also complete the Tec Deep INSTRUCTOR EXAMS.

You’ll complete a skills review to display your TOTAL MASTERY & DEMONSTRATION of the following key skills on the Tec Deep program:

  • SMB deployment & decompression with neutral buoyancy
  • Gas Switch at neutral buoyancy
  • Gas Shutdown at neutral buoyancy
  • Stage & retrieve bottles at neutral buoyancy
  • Gas sharing with long hose
  • Gas shutdown within 45 secs
  • Standardised Technical dive rig.