If you’ve got to this page – you’re probably a very serious diver, with perhaps hundreds of logged dives on “Open Circuit SCUBA”.
You may already be a Twinset or SideMount diver, being used to dealing with multiple cylinders and some big-serious dives.
If you’ve already qualified as a TEC Diver you’ll have core skills which will stand you in good stead for the progression to Closed Circuit Diving.
Whilst it isn’t necessary to be an O.C. Tec Diver before making the switch to CCR – it really is a good idea : give us a call to discuss further.

For most serious divers – the move to CCR is a logical step to get more time at depth so you can really enjoy some adventurous exploration. The key thing is to remember that you have to take a sideways step backwards to get onto a much bigger ladder in order to progress : in many ways you are starting again from scratch….

A great analogy is that as an experienced car driver, you’ll be happy driving at 70mph on a motorway – and occasionally may have pushed the limits to 80mph and got away with it – and that you can handle varying traffic and road conditions…. Now get on a formula GP race motorbike and ride : same roads, same conditions but probably far more dangerous until you’ve truly mastered the bike – and certainly far more fun when you do !
So if you’re ready to move on to play with Big-Boys Toys….

The PADI TecRec CCR40 course takes you from your very first breath on a ReBreather, through to being competent and confident in diving the CCR unit to a maximum depth of 40m, with limited decompression.
PADI’s Tec40 CCR study manual provides the most comprehensive instruction available, which when used in parallel with the Hollis Prism2 user manual will give you a totally thorough understanding of how to approach CCR diving : there’s about 40 hours of pre-study required
The program will take 6 days, starting in class & pool, then progressing to local lakes, before heading off to either StoneyCove or ChepstowNDAC for some “BIG” Dives.
Each dive includes a range of new skills and repeated practise drills to ensure that you thoroughly understand the theory and practical applications of CCR diving.

This training will be both challenging and FUN : with plenty of opportunity for remedial practise should you require it.
It will be an intense learning experience that will open up new opportunities to extend your diving abilities.

Traininig Dives :

Dive 1 :     Max 5m     180mins        Pool
Dive 2 :     3-10m          90mins        Lakes
Dive 3 :     6-12m          90mins         Lakes
Dive 4 :     9-18m          90mins        StoneyCove/ChepstowNDAC
Dive 5 :    12-24m         90mins        StoneyCove/ChepstowNDAC
Dive 6 :    18-27m         90mins        StoneyCove/ChepstowNDAC
Dive 7 :    24-36m         90mins        StoneyCove/ChepstowNDAC
Dive 8 :   24-40m         90mins        StoneyCove/ChepstowNDAC

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