So now you’re a qualified Tec40 CCR Diver  :  AND you’ve been diving the Hollis Prism2 seriously for at least 50 hours post certification.
– NOW you’re looking at those fantastic shipwrecks way down deep….

It’s time for Extended range CCR diving skills using Trimix or Heliox :
It’s time for DEVIL GAS !

The PADI Tec60 CCR course builds on the core skills you learned on Tec40.
It is an intense program of skills & drills and experience dives to open up much Deeper & Longer dives using Normoxic Trimix to manage Narcosis and High ppO2 Oxygen exposure.
Essentially The Hollis Prism2 CCR unit will enable you to do some adventurous exploration : The Tec60 CCR training course prepares you to handle situations that should-not, but could occur : Drills & Skills to surface safely in the event of emergencies.

You’ll be using multiple bailout cylinders, with a variety of different exotic gas mixtures approriate for different depths and stages of a dive ascent in the event of CCR failure and bailout.
This is serious stuff : an exciting and challenging learning curve over 5 days with 7 significantly “BIG” dives.

Training Dives :

Dive 1 :      Max 10m       150mins        Holboro Lakes
Dive 2 :      6-18m            120mins        StoneyCove/ChepstowNDAC
Dive 3 :     18-40m            90mins        StoneyCove/ChepstowNDAC
Dive 4 :     27-45m            90mins        StoneyCove/ChepstowNDAC
Dive 5 :     45-55m           120mins       StoneyCove/ChepstowNDAC
Dive 6 :     50-60m          120mins       StoneyCove/ChepstowNDAC
Dive 7 :     50-60m          120mins       StoneyCove/ChepstowNDAC

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