Rec Tec

Twinset Diver

It’s all about TIME…  Time underwater is all about GAS SUPPLY…
Gas supply is about cylinders – so have more – TAKE TWO !!!

The PADI Twinset Specialty is UNIQUE to Blue Ocean Diving – not available at any other PADI Dive Centre in the Region. This could be the start of a long and slippery slope towards the abyss that is Technical Diving……. or perhaps you just want more time in the shallows… a lot more time !


A day in the Classroom & Pool discussing gas management and dive planning with practical sessions on technical dive “rig” set up, leads to skills development in the pool to enable you to dive competently and confidently on a Twinset Tec Dive kit within recreational limits.

Skills include : Buoyancy & Trim                           Regulator Freeflow Shutdowns
Manifold Failure Shutdowns                                  Gas Emergency Long Hose Sharing
Surface Air Consumption Estimation                     S.M.B. Launching

Qualifying dives are either at Holboro, Stoney Cove or Chepstow – focusing on buoyancy skills and emergency drills to ensure comfort & safety whilst building experience and gaining confidence.

This program dovetails perfectly with the PADI Tec Basics program as a stepping stone into FULL TEC training…
The clear links between the courses – so much so that TWINSET divers certified at Blue Ocean Diving get discount on Tec Deep training courses if you enroll within 3 months of qualification ( to give you time to get some experience in Tec Kit before taking on more challenges of sling tanks etc )

Sidemount Diver

The way forward….. Fancy a bit on the side?

We were the very first Dive Centre in the South East to offer the latest PADI training programme for recreational and technical diving – Sidemount diving.  Evolved from the technical cave diving community, this is such a safe and easy way of diving that it has now taken off as a system and technique that recreational divers can use to provide extra gas / time underwater.

The SideMount system offers you diving with totally separate sources of gas and can be used on any course beyond Advanced Open Water.  One unique advantage that stems directly from cave diving is enhanced streamlining for penetration on wreck dives. SideMount skills & equipment can also be used on all TEC programs 40-90m with the Blue Ocean Tec team.

The course covers a variety of skills within recreational limits :

Dive Planning and Organization                  SideMount Rig Set-Up
Gas Management                                             Buoyancy and Trim
Long Hose Out-Of-Air drills                          Gas Shut-Down drills

Classroom theory & practical and a pool orientation dive to introduce skills & kit :
– normally on a Saturday : but may be available on Tues & Thurs evenings.
Course completion involves Three Dives at Holboro/Chepstow/Stoney.
There is a technical diver extension to this program : TEC SIDEMOUNT.
Full SideMount kit will be supplied for the duration of the course.

We are one of only 2 diving centres in the UK offering Tec courses up to instructor level using the Sidemount system of diving.  This traditional cave diving technique has been developed over the past few years and is now used for mainstream Tec Diving programmes.  There are several advantages to using the side mount system:

Safety – independent gas supplies similar to twin sets
Easy shut down drills – you can see your valves
Less weight on your back – no more back ache
Easier buoyancy and trim control
More streamlined penetration profile
Increase in entry and exit options

If you want to undertake any of our TEC programmes in sidemount rather than twin set you may do so at no additional cost. Full SideMount TEC rig will be supplied for training.

Hollis ReBreather

Using non-technical rebreather equipment, the Electronic Semi Closed Circuit Hollis Explorer lets you have longer and quieter dives, to get closer to more elusive wildlife.

The course covers the necessary theory, equipment preparation care & maintenance of a semi-closed circuit re-breather unit.
Pool training [ 2 dives ] introduces the different buoyancy skills necessary to dive in control and prepares you to confidently complete the 5 open water training dives in safety.

If you think you’ve done it all in scuba diving : think again
– Re-Breather diving is completely different than anything you’ve ever tried before….
A seriously new challenge !

Class & Pool training is conducted on Saturday, with 2 Lakes dives at Holboro on Sunday
– Then it’s Chepstow or Stoney for 2 days to qualify down to 30m… [40m if you’re a Deep Spec Diver]

Full-Face Mask

And now for something completely different !
This equipment incorporates a black silicon mask (Oooerr missus !) that covers the whole face and has an attachment for the scuba regulator to fit directly into : no more jaw ache from biting on mouth-pieces !
The major advantage is that when diving in cold water, your face is warm : a big plus for most of us.
Because there is no mouthpiece, the addition of underwater comms systems is an option too…

A pool orientation gets you comfortable with this kit leading to 2 dives in Open Water.

DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle)

If you want to have the ultimate FUN diving experience, and play at being James Bond for a day – then Diver Propulsion Vehicle diving is for you!

This one day, TWO DIVE course will have you grinning form ear to ear, and you’ll have “DPV” on your Christmas list for certain (though you may have to explain what it is to Santa!)

You’ll learn how to prepare the machine for use, entry & exit techniques, surface and underwater riding (flying is a better description), as well as the safety precautions and ways to avoid hazards of use.
All this with a massive smile on your face to earn your “Underwater Pilots License”…. COOL !