Tec 40 / 45 / 50

Tec Basics

With Direct links to the PADI TWINSET or SIDEMOUNT course and the TEC DEEP program, the PADI introduction to Tec is a useful stepping stone on the route towards the FULL TEC qualifications…

Covering the Knowledge Development in the Tec Deep manual and the pool skills from Tec 40 Dive 1 – the progress that you make in this course can be credited for the Tec Deep qualifications.

The TWO DIVES in open water at the Lakes get you going through your paces as a tekkie diver in deeper water, whilst facing environmental conditions somewhat more challenging than a pool !

This is a good way to start Tec Diving if you cannot commit to the full Tec Deep program all at once…..

Tec Deep 40

Gets you diving in Twins/Sides with a single stage cylinder of deco gas up to 50% EANx.
With a max depth of 40m you can extend dive times to build up 10mins of Deco – then switching gas to a Nitrox stage to off-gas around 3 – 6m
Effectively an “Advanced Nitrox” course building upon skills learned on Twinset/SideMount Specialty dives to push th elimits beyond normal recreational dive limits.
Training involves home-study with manual / DVD & class discussions & FOUR training dives
Dive 1 is in pool – Dives 2,3,4 are at Stoney Cove or NDAC in Chepstow

Tec Deep 45

Taking on full “Deco Procedures” applying gas switching techniques using EANx or Oxygen up to 100%.
At max depth 45m you can clock up unlimited deco time [Twinset or SideMount]– controlled by gas supply and your own gas consumption rate. Tec Dive Techniques using the Deco Gas to pad the profile making the off gassing more conservative to reduce risk.
Training involves home-study with manual & class discussions & FOUR training dives
Dive 1 is in pool – Dives 2, 3 & 4 are at NDAC at Chepstow

Tec Deep 50

Carrying two (or more) gas mixes in stage cylinders in addition to your “back gas” on Twinset/SideMount – gives you “Extended Range” on Tec Dive Profiles : getting you DEEPER – LONGER – WETTER !!!
A travel gas of typically 32-40% Eanx enables potential for multi-level profiles or off-gassing on ascent to deco stops.
Full Accelerated Deco on “rich mix” up to 100% Oxygen can significantly reduce the in water time for off-gassing on deco schedules.
Dive 1 is again in pool – then dive 2,3,4 are at Chepstow – or in Egypt on the annual Blue Ocean TEC trip :

Welcome to “The Dark Side”……