Tec Trimix

Tec Trimix 65 / 90

The addition of Helium into the breathing mix adds an element of complexity and yet allows for safe deeper dives well beyond the limits of most…

Being conducted either at NDAC in Chepstow, or in Sharm, this course is for experienced and well trained technical divers wanting to progress to the limits of the sport. Learning to dive with Normoxic & Hypoxic Trimix blends involving gas switch techniques during descent and ascent, with extended decompression procedures : this aint for the faint hearted.

Our Tec Trimix Instructor Trainer Ryby was taught by Leigh Cunningham, the current world record holder for the Deepest Wreck Dive… so you can expect the course to be both intense and exacting !
“Master Chief” Mike Melville brings his technical cave diving experience into play when he conducts the Tec Trimix courses – you know you will have truly earned the quailification…

A minimum of 7 days training involving an extensive skill circuit assessment on day one, then progressing through simulated Tec-Trimix dives with specific skill evaluation to completion of the program with a maximum depth of 90m.

This level of training is not appropriate for any diver who is not completely comfortable in technical equipment underwater with a variety of instructor induced problem scenarios occurring simultaneously.