Blue Planet….
National Geographic….
Discovery Channel….

Everyone has watched the amazing wildlife films with stunning blue water reefs from across the world.
– And let’s face it : we all want to be out there…
Sun – Sea – Sand etc !
Everybody wants to LEARN SCUBA

Many divers held a childhood ambition of wanting to be a “Marine Biologist” when they grew up.
Actually what they wanted was to swim with Dolphins, snorkel with Humpback Whales and dive with Sharks !

This is where you begin : PADI – The Way The World Learns To Dive…

You can do a “Try Dive” on a PADI Discover Scuba Diving program if you’re 10 years old or 100 years young – It’s EASY & it’s FUN!

Children who are under 10 yrs participate in the PADI Bubblemaker program, essentially the same as Discover Scuba Diving
– just with restricted depth. – We also offer Birthday Pool Parties.

The minimum age to begin the PADI Open Water Diver qualification is 10yrs.
– 10 & 11 yr-olds can also take the PADI Adventure Diver and certain Specialties.

The PADI Advanced Open Water and other more challenging courses are open to divers aged 12 or older – with no maximum age.

All Professional level “Go-Pro” and extreme “TecRec” courses require students to be 18yrs.

There’s something for just about everybody.

Anybody can participate in Scuba Training providing you have reasonable health & fitness.
If you have any concerns about medical conditions : download the PADI Medical Statement.
Answer the questions on our Fit to Dive Medicals page – any “YES” requires a visit to your doctor.
For more complicated/specialist issues we recommend that you contact the medical team at the London Dive Chamber : the experts in diving medicals.

Begin your Adventure by visiting us at the Dive Centre
Situated next to Maidstone Leisure Centre (park here and walk across to us),
– we are the big blue & white building with a zebra-crossing in front… you can’t miss us !
We can get you into the water for your first breath very quickly, and registering for a course is very easy.
You’ll receive the Complete PADI Crewpack upon enrolment : you get your own DVD & Student Manual for course preparation and future reference, a Logbook to record Training & Dive Experience and your own PADI electronic multi-level dive planner.
There is also a digital version of the Crewpack for use on iPad & android tablets : PADI’s new “Open Water Touch” – a small premium is charged for this deluxe product : ask when you enrol if you prefer this option.

You can start your PADI Open Water Diver course right here: right now on-line!

By enrolling on an e-learning course, you gain access to web based student materials to begin learning the Knowledge Development home-study sections of your new diving adventure! This interactive program includes quick quizzes for self assessment, video footage of diving skills and different aquatic environments, and a detailed explanation of dive planning and safety – and it’s FUN!

As a de-luxe service, e-learning enables you to have immediate on-line access to the learning materials from PADI – and involves an extra  premium paid direct to PADI [ this is separate from the training course fees for the services that we will provide ]
Note that is an optional extra – great if you want to start right now, or if you prefer computer based training : but not essential.

If you do enrol on an e-learning program with PADI, we then get you into the water and diving as soon as you can make it…
– call us and we’ll invite you to come along any Tuesday or Thursday evening to enjoy the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program absolutely FREE of charge! You’ll get to visit the Dive Centre & meet the team, and enjoy a fun & entertaining introduction to scuba.

Upon registration with us at the Dive Centre, we supply you with the complete PADI Crewpack (physical or virtual) as part of your training fees.

You then have choices about how you complete the rest of your course – to suit your own schedule and with an opportunity to meet other students and make new friends.

Weekend Schedule

You may decide that a weekend course is ideal for you – we run them every alternate weekend throughout the year :
check our Dive Calendar for dates. This option will get you diving with other students, and is a quick and fun way to review your knowledge development with an instructor and complete the pool diving skills whilst making friends & having fun underwater.

Evening Executive Schedule

Alternatively you may prefer to bring in your diary and book in a series of 5 evenings (Tues & Thurs) to complete the program on an “executive” program tailored around your personal schedule – there is an additional charge for this premium service.
This is a great option if you have a hectic diary, or if you want to progress at your own pace (fast or slow!).

To complete the Open Water Diver course you’ll make four qualifying dives putting what you’ve learned in the pool into practise and meeting some underwater wildlife…
[ There are flexible choices for this too – both in UK and on Holidays ]

– And that’s it : You’ve Got Your PADI