Specialty Courses

PADI Specialty Diver training focuses on the areas of diving that interest YOU!

Whether you enjoy the more Rufty-Tufty adventurous dives, or prefer to float relaxing gently along with the pretty fish – there is certainly a course that you will enjoy, And all these programs are excellent ways to gain dive experience while under the watchful eye of a professional instructor.

So if you want to go Deep, explore Wrecks, breath Nitrox, fly along in a fast Drift or getting technical on a Re-Breather… you can!

If you prefer shallower dives taking Photo’s or Video with the wildlife, you can do UnderWater Naturalist & Fish Identification and understand the marine ecosystem with Coral Reef Conservation and learn to relax more with Peak Performance Bouyancy.

Specialty diver training is all about YOUR interests: and can be the start of your route to Master Scuba Diver!

Deep Diver Wreck Diver
Nitrox Diver Drysuit Diver
Peak Performance Buoyancy Night Diver
Digital Photography Videography
Multi-Level Computer Diver DPV Diver
Boat Diver Drift Diver
Search & Recovery Diver Navigation Diver
Fish Identification Diver Naturalist Diver
Emergency Oxygen Diver SMB Diver
Twinset Diver Sidemount Diver
Self Reliant “Solo” Diver Cavern Diver
 Explorer Rebreather Diver  Full Face Mask Diver
Tec Deep 40 Tec Trimix 65
Tec Deep 45 Tec Trimix 90
 Tec Deep 50  Tec CCR 40-60