PADI Digital Underwater Photography

Telling friends and family about the fantastic dives you’ve done is much more fun when you show them pictures of Sharks, Wrecks or Reefs.

This course is an ideal option to do in preparation for a holiday dive trip to the Red Sea…. It’s FUN, QUICK and EASY…

Including Classroom, Pool skills & TWO OCEAN DIVES, this Specialty course covers the principles of basic underwater photography, discussing exposure, flash vs natural light, composition, and how to overcome problems to achieve better results.

Equipment care, preparation and maintenance are an essential part of the program together with camera handling techniques. You’ll take lots of underwater shots of aquatic life as well as your buddy, and then review your photo’s with your instructor to highlight your successes and areas which need correction.

Level 1

For the beginner and/or accomplished recreational photographer you can learn skills necessary to dive with a camera ( it’s not all about the foto’s ! )

You’ll practise the buoyancy control needed to get into the best position to take a shot without endangering the environment your manoeuvring in…

You’ll have the opportunity to use a variety of lens functions including wide angle & macro (extreme close-up) – so you’ll be able to get shots of both tiny shrimps and immense whale sharks…. Maybe !

All this takes place in the pool on a Tuesday/Thursday evening – after a detailed classroom discussions about the specific issues of taking photo’s underwater…. You’ll find it quite en”light”ening…. ?

Level 2

Having completed level 1 ( or combining both levels into one course ) you’ll be keen to put it all into practise out in the Oceans somewhere warm and clear with stunning corals and amazing wildlife….

This course option is available on any of our dive club holidays

Level 2 digital foto specialty also includes a post-dive photo editing workshop to make the most of what you’re achieved underwater….

Training with either your own camera or the schools’ superb Fuji Digital underwater camera & strobe system – you’ll learn all the tips & techniques to get great shots like the ones on this website…. !

Photography Specialty certification is a requirement by most Dive Centres for underwater camera rental.