PADI Night Diver – 3 Dives

THREE DIVES over at least two nights.

You’ll learn the techniques for using lights on the surface and underwater, as well as night navigation practice and lights out emergency drills.

This training is ideal for anybody planning to go down on the Deeper Wrecks in the English Channel where visibility at 30m+ is just like diving at night….

A great one to do as part of a trip to the Red Sea because diving at night gives you the opportunity to identify nocturnal aquatic wildlife that hunt in the dark such as Morays & Lion Fish, Lobsters, Cuttlefish and Octopus.

UK Night diving is a good opportunity for wildlife encounters and also a great way to see familiar dive sites in a new light [ !!! ]

By special request this course can be taught by our very own “Elvira Mistress of the Dark”…. Can you guess which instructor this is ???

Who’s afraid of the dark ? – Not me!