PADI Nitrox Diver – Classroom / Dives

Enriched Air Nitrox

The start point for technical dive training is DEVIL GAS !!!

Diving with more Oxygen and Less Nitrogen = More Fun !

18m on air = 56 minutes max
18m on 32% EANx = 95 minutes
18m on 36% EANx = 125 minutes !!!

The PADI NITROX Specialty is an excellent first step on your journey towards new extended limits – click calendar for dates.

DSAT Gas Blender

Blending Nitrox gas adds a new challenge to dive preparation, as well as a new level of independence and self reliance. Theory and Practical Application sessions provide the skills and knowledge to blend your own “DEVIL GAS”….

Understanding partial pressure blending and the safety procedures for handling pure oxygen will enable you to mix gases to within 1% accuracy of the desired blend.

You’ll be trained in the use of the 300bar Nitrox Blending Panel, to prepare gases from 22-99% Oxygen Enriched diving mixes.

Schedules are always set individually – usually to involve blending practise for the monthly Stoney Cove dive trip…. Call in with your diary for dates.