Rebreather Diver – Class, Pool & 3 Dives

And now for something completely different!!!

Using technical re-breather equipment the Drager Dolphin lets you have longer and quieter dives to get closer to more elusive wildlife.

A Rebreather may be the answer for you if you’re a serious gas-guzzler…

If you find that your air supply is never long enough – and you’re always the first back on the boat, missing out on longer dives : using a Dolphin will help you get more dive time underwater…..

The course covers the necessary theory, equipment preparation care & maintenance of a semi-closed circuit re-breather unit.

Pool training introduces the different buoyancy skills necessary to dive in control and prepares you to complete the THREE open water training dives in safety

This really is an awesome piece of dive kit to play with… If you think you’ve done it all – think again !

2012 Special Offer : Full course just £150….. thats £75 OFF

Then only £50 rental per day incl sorb & Nitrox fill.
( extra cylinders of Nitrox at £10 each )