Self Reliant Diver Specialty

Far from the madding crowds : the joy of freedom and independence that confident, competent and qualified divers enjoy through the NEW Self Reliant Diver program : Independance Day has arrived !

The long running argument whether it is safe is over – of course it is : when you do it properly !

Ideal for those that are active UK divers where buddy separation is “not uncommon” due to the environmental challenges of limited visibility – and perfect for keen Photographers and Videographers that want to escape the bubble-blowing crowds to get that undisturbed competition winning shot…

Planning, preparation, redundant equipment and regular skills practise (during this course and beyond it when you’re qualified and out there on your own) – all become routine for SELF RELIANT DIVERS.

You’ll learn to dive with back-up (redundant) gas systems, and practise bail-out drills for out-of-air emergencies.
You’ll build depth-time-gas awareness through repeated monitoring, and you’ll constantly be comitted to self reliance and safety.

A THREE DIVE program in Holborogh – Stoney – Chepstow – available every month.

Minimum pre-requisites for this program : PADI Advanced Diver with 100 logged dives.
Additional recommended training : Rescue Diver / Nitrox & Deep Specialty.

Freddie Mercury had it right with the lyrics… “I want to break free