Twinset Diver

Want to get more bottom time – but find that you’re a gas-guzzler ?

Want to try Tekkie dive gear – but don’t want to go Full Tec yet ?

This is the start of a long and slippery slope towards the abyss that is Technical Diving……. DEEPER – LONGER – DARKER

A day in the Classroom & Pool discussing gas management and dive planning with practical sessions on technical dive “rig” set up, leads to skills development in the pool to enable you to dive competently and confidently on a Twinset Tec Dive kit within recreational limits.

Qualifying dives are either at Wraysbury or Stoney Cove – focusing on Buoyancy and Emergency drills to ensure comfort & safety.

This is where we start playing with Big Boys Toys and getting the most out of our diving potential…..

Tecno Tecno Tecno notice of the black masks and big watches…. !!!!