At Blue Ocean Diving, all Divemaster training is much more than a course that you attend, learn and receive another certification card for.

It’s an extensive experience programme to build real world skills and practical application to prepare you for life as a Dive Professional.

The Divemaster internship is GREAT FUN, introducing you to the lifestyle behind the scenes in the dive industry. If you like blowing bubbles you’ll have virtually unlimited opportunity to get underwater.

After registration and an initial theory session, all your diving is FREE!

Whenever you dive in the pool, lakes, at Stoney Cove or NDAC as part of the Divemaster Internship, you pay nothing for air, cylinders or kit rental.

You’ll do over 30 pool dives & log about 40 open water dives on the programme.

Because the range of experience required to complete the internship includes several dive trips to the Lakes, Stoney and Chepstow, the internship is a minimum 3 months duration.

This means you get excellent experience and value for money.

You need to be committed to diving and want to be part of a busy Dive Team. Becoming involved in all aspects of dive planning, logistics & control takes a lot of time and effort. Teamwork builds some great friendships and a good social life with everybody working in the Dive Centre.

It is not an easy programme to complete with significant challenges for everyone participating. The instruction builds on your individual strengths and works on any weaknesses to ensure excellence in all areas of work as a Divemaster.

During the course you will participate in skill circuit development to perfect the skills learned in the pool as a student on the Open Water Course.

This will build towards excellent demonstrations and control when assisting with students in training.

The Divemaster training involves a series of lectures to give you the background info on the role of a PADI Divemaster as an instructor’s assistant, dive organiser, dive guide and equipment expert, as well as detailed theory of diving physiology, physics and decompression models.

Being a Divemaster is quite a physical role so there are a series of watermanship stamina tests to complete all against the clock to achieve the best times possible. These are:

  • 800m snorkel
  • 400m swim
  • 100m rescue tow
  • 15min tread-water


The Divemaster Internship is a great option for any keen mad bubbler who loves being underwater, wanting to be more involved in the dive club and who takes diving seriously.

Being a PADI Divemaster isn’t a qualification – it’s a lifestyle!

Book your PADI Divemaster Course for only £595 (plus cost of materials)

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