Emergency First Response ITC takes you through the practical aspects of bringing this programme to life, making it enjoyable whilst not diminishing the serious nature of the subject matter.

The EFR Instructor qualification is a pre-requisite for attending the PADI Assistant Intructor/IDC.

As a qualified Divemaster it is the logical route in your development towards a career in diving.

Commonly accepted as a “must have” so that you can retain students beyond the Adventures in Diving level for the Rescue Programme. Most employers in the diving industry consider this an essential prerequisite for job applications.

The EFRI programme explains the instructional philosophy of “hands-on” group practice training, as well as the use of training aids and materials.

You’ll learn how to demonstrate CPR, as well as coaching techniques to help students gain confidence and skills.

The programme covers all aspects of course conduct for Adult Primary & Secondary Care (with AED), as well as the Care for Children program highlighting key differences with CPR & Choking Management for Infants/Children.

There is a light-hearted session on the psychology of resuscitation, and teaching tips to make the course fun and enjoyable for students.

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