This is the highest certification in recreational scuba diving awarded by PADI with than 2% of the world’s divers achieving this impressive level of competence.

This award recognises an active sports diver who has achieved a level of training and experience that shows a commitment to safe & advanced diving practices.

Qualification as a PADI Rescue Diver, completing at least five diving specialties as well as completing a minimum of 50 logged dives – this really is a challenge.

The route to the MSD rating is flexible for your busy diary, and can be tailored to your personal interests by selecting your choice of 5 PADI Specialties from a list of over 20!



If you want to go Deep, explore Wrecks, breath Nitrox, fly along in a fast Drift or get technical on a Re-Breather… you can!

If you prefer shallower dives taking photos or video with the wildlife you can do Naturalist and Fish Identification, and you can also learn to relax more with Peak Performance Buoyancy.

Master Scuba Divers are an elite group; earning respect from Instructors, Divemasters and guides around the world.

If you want a challenge, here it is!



Less than 2% of the world’s recreational divers reach the Master Scuba Diver level, and even fewer go further.

Certain Specialty courses are particularly useful for diving in UK coastal waters:

  • Deep
  • Wreck
  • Nitrox
  • Drysuit
  • Night


Qualification in these specific disciplines as part of an MSD package provides you with the necessary skills to build experience in UK Channel Diving. The best dives here involve exploring around and inside wrecks at around 35 metres, breathing Nitrox to get more dive time, wearing Drysuits to keep warm – and because it is Deep in limited visibility, it’s often like diving at night.

A challenge fit for Master Scuba Divers indeed.

At Blue Ocean Diving we have an exceptional number of club members that have achieved the MSD Award, and we are very proud to have several club members who have achieved “Elite MSD” standard by qualifying in 10 PADI Specialties and logging 100 dives – and a select few “Ultimate MSD” with 15 Specialty certifications and 150 logged dives.

The Scubaholics Dive Club puts as much emphasis on dive experience as well as training course certifications.

Now that’s serious!

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