PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)


The IDC is your gateway to life as a Professional Diving Educator through the worlds most widely recognised Scuba Diving teaching qualification.

There are two components; the Assistant Instructor course and the Open Water Scuba Instructor program. These may be completed separately or combined in a full Instructor Development Course program.

Successful completion of the IDC curriculum qualifies Instructor Candidates to attend the PADI Instructor Examination [I.E.] which is conducted independently by PADI HQ staff.

Our Course Directors and Master Instructor IDC Staff put effort into making all IDC sessions Fun & Enjoyable – relieving stress and helping you meet the challenge of studying whilst having a few laughs along the way!

Success on the IE isn’t the primary focus – it is just a stepping stone on the route to life as a PADI Pro…. Our aim is to make YOU an Excellent Instructor – not just to scrape through the exams to get another badge !

We put several extra curricular sessions into our IDC programs, and build in extensive opportunity for practice to make sure that when you reach the independently conducted Instructor Exams you’ll feel that I.E. stands for “IT’S EASY !“

IDC Preparation

You’ve made a major lifestyle decision to become a PADI Instructor – so you need to get ready in advance to ensure that the training is stress free and fun….

There are two areas of pre-requisite study that ensure your success on the IDC:

1. IDC Knowledge Development

The option to enrol with PADI e-Learning for the “On-Line” presentations may appeal to some…
– but with Blue Ocean Diving, our IDC includes all these components as part of the IDC.
You’ll benefit from the experienced IDC Staff delivering this study material in class – following the PADI Educational Model : bringing the subjects to life with practical applications, examples of how each topic applies to diving circumstances abroad on holiday, as well as specific adaptations in our local diving environment – and giving links for each subject to PADI continuing Education and relevant equipment.

For an IDC at Blue Ocean Diving – the PADI e-Learning is an optional extra – which may be of benefit should you decide to make this additional investment.

A wise investment is to spend time getting thoroughly familiar with the PADI Instructor Manual and Guide To Teaching, prior to attending the A.I. course or full I.D.C. this gives you an understanding of the PADI system and prepares you for active participation in the Instructor Development program.

It is also important to access the PADI Pro’s website to download the Instructor Outlines for all core recreational courses and to become familiar with these guides.

2. Dive Theory Revision

You need to come to the IDC having reviewed the key areas of Dive Theory Knowledge covered on the PADI Divemaster course.

You can use the Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving and Diving Knowledge Workbook to review the five key topics :

  • PHYSICS    
  • PHYSIOLOGY        


Our IDC Staff will be available throughout the program to provide assistance and corrective coaching in these areas – but you must come prepared ! If you feel you would benefit from additional theory workshop/presentations on the DM Theory topics – this is available at a small surcharge.

There is also a PADI e-Learning On-Line option that covers these key areas of dive theory – at a premium paid direct to PADI.

As part of the IDC you have to pass exams in these subjects to successfully complete your training prior to attending a PADI Instructor Examination.

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