UK Dives

We have a variety of UK Dives available to appeal to all divers…

  • Shallow & Deep
  • Salt & Fresh
  • Shore & Boat
  • Reef & Wreck
  • Midweek & Weekend

If you’re interested in any diving ensure that you are receiving our monthly Dive Trips Bulletin emails : for Channel Charter Boat trips make contact the boat skipper direct.

All UK Boat Dive trips are run on a “Not-For-Profit” basis by Blue Ocean Diving for signed up members of our Scubaholics Dive Team Club.

For CLUB TRIPS – pop into the shop to put your name on the list – All you have to do is… “sign up and show up – it’s easy!”

On busy trips booking priority is given to Club Members as follows :

1st Priority :     Platinum Card holders (can book 3 months in advance)

2nd Priority     Gold Card holders (can book 2 months in advance)

3rd Priority     Basic Card Holders

Non members can join the club (IT’S FREE) to fill any spaces left.

Club Membership Terms and conditions apply to all.

UK Dives

Club membership is mandatory to participate in any activity organised through or by Blue Ocean Diving or the Scubaholics Dive Team including :

UK Dive Trips, Training Courses, Foreign Holidays, Equipment Rental, Equipment Servicing, Social Events & Special Offers.

It is assumed that everyone participating in club activities agrees to the published Terms & Conditions.