Chepstow 2018

NDAC – National Diving & Activity Centre

It’s another Stoney Cove – but Deeper – and without the madness of the weekend queues that are notorious at weekends in Leicestershire.

The diving at  “NDAC” is great – and can be VERY DEEP if you want to ( and are qualified to ) go to the bottom at 80m…..
There’s plenty of mid range stuff to keep anybody amused for a weekend of fun diving that the weather can’t spoil… ( no boat cancellations here !!! )

Leaving the Dive Centre on Saturday at 8am we drive in convoy car-sharing to Chepstow for 2 or 3 good dives in the Afternoon.
Overnight either in the wigwams on site at NDAC or in a B&B guest house with the customary night out in town…
Then a good “Welsh” breakfast sets up Sunday for 3 more dives until we head back home mid afternoon to get back for about 7pm… then it’s Beer & Burger at Lashings Bar !!!

Maybe this is where we’ve earned the reputation of being a “drinking club with a diving problem” ?????

Dates (every 4 weeks) are all on the web Calendar

Book up early for these trips [ we get busy ] by calling the Dive Centre to get on the list.

Pre-booking of rental cylinders/gear is essential.

When you’ve been diving at NDAC in Chepstow – you’ll be ready for more FUN at STONEY COVE :

the deal is simple for any SCUBAHOLICS GOLD MEMBER
– come along to dive for FUN & EXPERIENCE on any of the dates advertised and get your :

BCD/Regs/Suit rental for FREE…

You just pay for the Cylinder rentals : so you can get 6 dives for £60 = BARGAIN !!!
Stoney trip dates are always Thurs/Fridays in Mar-May-July-Sept-Nov

GOLD Club Membership is FREE – for anybody who has cmpleted 3 PADI courses with us.
To Join us on a Chepstow trip you must be at least PADI Advanced certified…
Courses run every month if you’re not there yet – but want to be….