Deep Wreck Trips

Specifically for Scubaholics Extreme – members of the The Rufty Tufty Divers Club!

These trips are targeting the serious diver who is very well trained and experienced in UK diving.

Wrecks Deeper than 35m have specific challenges and risks – and require a more serious approach.

Membership is only for the elite – and deliberately so, to ensure competence for the potentially challenging and hazardous environments that UK Coastal diving entails…. We want you to be safe in the dark in a screaming drift on and penetrating far inside the wrecks at 35-50m or deeper !

Do not be offended or put off by this open policy of exclusion – It is to ensure safety of all who are included:
All members accept each-other as equals and as competent divers for more challenging UK Dive Conditions.

Minimum Qualification : PADI Rescue + Deep + Wreck + Nitrox + Night

Minimum Experience : 50 Dives including 20 UK and 20 sub 20m

Equivalent Training and Experience from other agencies is accepted.

Every diver must have a redundant air source.

Many of the Extreme branch of the Scubaholics Club are Technical & Trimix Divers with hundreds of challenging Deep UK Wrecks in the log…

Deep Wreck Trips