Holborough Lakes

We visit Holborough Lakes for a weekend every month for training courses, so if you want to join the gang for a quick splash – dive in!!!

Because the lakes are relatively safe at 10m depth, and very convenient – only 15mins from Blue Ocean Dive Centre in Kent, you can log quite a few dives in a day, building up genuine experience & confidence diving without instructor supervision and having a laugh as well – and there’s plenty of WILDLIFE at Wraysbury too !!!

We provide the logistical dive support for a great day out – and with onsite facilities including changing rooms & toilets, Hot drinks on tap and a great line in pot noodles & cakes – it’s a good time to meet other mad bubblers and make friends !

There’s always somebody looking for a buddy – and if you want a guide, we can arrange for somebody to look after you as well : so come along and join in the fun – and get back in the water this month….

Remember also that we always have a social after diving weekends with an evening of food & beer at Lashings Bar….

Holborough Lakes