Wreck & Reef Trips

Boat dives are usually from Brighton & Eastbourne, with some extras at Dover and Gosport….

Diving off the South Coast in the Channel on a day trip can be a good giggle for those wanting to rummage around the wrecks or drift along the reefs!

Diving off Fast RiBs to get samller groups out & back quickly, or on Custom-Built Hard Boats with hydraulic lifts to bring you up, and having space for 12 divers, the dives can be quite challenging, but not too serious.

With reefs, ledges and scallop beds from 10m down and Wrecks at 18m – 30m depth, with tidal currents and waves adding spice, you need to be confident and competent in the water.

Minimum Advanced diver and 20 logged dives, with appropriate and recent UK diving experience – we recommend that you be Rescue Diver trained and dive with a redundant air source (pony rig) on these dives – pony stage rigs available for daily hire from the Dive Centre….

If you’re unsure whether this is for you – consider the Deep & Wreck Specialty training at Stoney Cove to prepare for these more adventurous dives…