Why Learning to Dive Should be Top of your Adventure To-Do List

Why Learning to Dive Should be Top of your Adventure To-Do List


Have you considered learning to dive but aren’t quite ready to make the splash?


Let us continue…

The diving community is quite a large one, with people travelling all around the globe to explore a variety of underwater settings.

Even newer members of the diving world who have recently completed a variety of scuba diving courses can’t wait to explore their favourite coastlines. Then they venture to foreign destinations and do it all over again!

Despite having a rather large community dotted around the globe, you might think that in major cities, diving is a relatively niche activity. 

Not at all.

However, this doesn’t mean that people living far away from a seaside location can’t eventually gain the qualifications needed to enjoy diving when on holiday or during a weekend trip to a coastal seaside resort in the UK.

Yes, learning to dive might take longer than other people who have access to the water throughout the year. Do not let not being by water be your excuse! There are many UK lakes and dive quarries to explore, and the UK is an island surrounded by water, don’t forget!

No doubt you will certainly find it worth it once you attain your PADI. Besides, our club regularly runs trips each month both in the UK and abroad so join us!

There are numerous benefits to diving which people are discovering on a regular basis, too.

Simply put, exploring the underwater world in person and up close is far more magical than visiting an aquarium or exploring the beauty that is hidden beneath the crashing waves of the ocean in popular games such as Playtech’s Great Blue online slot.

But why?

What are the benefits of learning to dive?

Here’s a look at some of them.


You can learn to dive virtually

These days, in the modern world, learning to dive can also be done virtually.

Many diving schools offer beginner courses online which feature theory sessions and easy-to-digest material.

Learning the theory before the practical side of diving is a great way to gain useful information before progressing into the water.

Blue Ocean Diving offers you two ways to complete your scuba diving qualifications. Complete your diving course in the UK, from swimming pool to lakes – or you can learn to scuba dive in Egypt!


Diving can boost your physical and mental health 

Diving is the best form of water therapy around.

It provides the benefits of exercising as you swim your way to various underwater locations. It also enables us to improve our all-round mental health, too.

Immersing ourselves in nature is a sure-fire way of improving our general mood.

Submerging yourself underwater and living in the moment in nature is one of the most relaxing activities we can possibly do.

Relax, enjoy the view and switch off from the stresses of life to enjoy what is an amazing experience.


Diving is fun

Although there are certainly some serious aspects attached to diving, overall it’s a fun and truly enjoyable activity to throw yourself into.

Once you learn how to dive, you can do it wherever you are in the world.


A great way to meet new people

We’ve touched on it already, but the diving community is a friendly and large one. With that comes welcoming events and an all-round friendly feel, which many other popular activities don’t always achieve. Meeting many wonderful people who share your love of diving all over the world is another advantage.

Given the memorable experiences which can be had diving, people are generally always in a positive and happy mood. Knowing you’re about to embark on a coastal adventure tends to lift the spirits!

 As such, many members of the diving community are open to meeting new people and sharing their experiences of diving.

Join Blue Ocean Diving’s Scubaholics Dive Club and get special member discounts and offers, as well as our Scubaholics Dive Club community over on Facebook


You’ll appreciate nature far more

Scuba diving and taking a leap into the natural world is a fantastic way of reconnecting with nature.

What better way to explore a diverse and truly unique marine landscape?

Once you discover the beauty of an underwater setting, you’ll be even more passionate about protecting it and its conservation.







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